What We Believe

We believe God created the universe and made mankind in His image. God placed Adam and Eve in a lush orchard He had started and then told them to tend it. Adam and Eve ended up disobeying God and as a result evil became part of the human DNA. All have disobeyed God. God has to punish all who disobey but He loved mankind so much that He made a plan to take that punishment upon Himself. God placed His own seed in the womb of a young virgin, Mary, who gave birth to Jesus who grew up as a boy and who lived in perfect harmony with His Father in heaven. He claimed equality with God, but chose to die for the disobedience of mankind though he himself had never disobeyed His Father. He was brutally put to death, entombed by his friends, and then on the morning of the third day He became alive and appeared to over 500 different people during the next 40 days. Then he ascended to heaven and sat at the right hand of His Father. 

We believe in Jesus' promise to those who follow him, believing that his death is the only payment God accepts for the forgiveness of their sins, that they would be with Him in heaven for eternity. The Father sends His Holy Spirit to abide in everyone who follows Jesus. Jesus himself will come to earth again as Ruler and all those who have His Spirit will join Him in heaven forever. Sadly, there are those who rebel and refuse to follow Jesus, even when he appears. People who refuse to follow Jesus will suffer torment forever as punishment for refusing God's only Son who suffered crucifixion for them.

We believe that faith in Jesus cleanses us from our past, present and future sins, provides us with eternal life, and allows us to freely live for Him by making choices that are righteous rather than evil. It is our desire to live a life pleasing to the heavenly Father. 

Besides having God's Holy Spirit speak to our spirit, God also speaks to us through His word, the Bible. It is a historical record of the actions and character of God dealing with His people and building the Household of Faith. We believe it is an ongoing process to use the Word of God to think about, to contrast and to adjust our lives to be more pleasing to God.

We believe God gifts all His followers. The gift of love is the greatest of all the gifts we are to exercise within the Household of God. We are part of His Church and seek foremost to exercise love toward one another. Jesus came to build His Church, and as his followers we actively join with him.   

We invite you to follow Jesus with us.