Guideline Changes

Recommended McMicken Constitutional Guidelines amendments

-McMicken’s Elder Board recommends that the following Section 2 be added to ARTICLE 1 of the McMicken Constitutional Guidelines:

2. Designations of Membership

To properly reflect the membership of the Church, three rolls shall be maintained.

1. Active/Resident Members: All members who reside within the Church's ministry area and are currently active in the Church. They shall have all rights of McMicken Heights membership.

2. Nonresident Members: Members who have become inactive as a result of more permanently moving out of the Church's ministry area, but who maintain contact with the Church, such as missionaries from the McMicken Heights Church family, retirement home residents, students, etc. and have not joined another church. These shall not be included in quorum counts for voting nor have voting privileges. Those such as students and service personnel who are more temporarily away from the immediate Church service area shall not be included in quorum counts when absent but be counted and have voting privileges when present.

3. Inactive members: Members who have been absent from the Church for a period of at least one year without manifesting interest may be placed on the "Inactive Roll," by the Elder Board. These have no rights of membership and shall be removed from the Church membership rolls after being on the Inactive Members roll for one year.

McMicken’s Elder Board recommends that Article 7: Section 2:C be changed per the following:

    C.     If the church seeks to dissolve the pastoral relationship for any reason other than a Biblical just cause they may do so, but severance pay will equal a total of two weeks for every year served continue for at least thirty days from the action of the Church. If the pastoral relationship is severed by the pastor, severance, if any, will be determined by the congregation.