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What is our plan for seeking a Pastor?

McMicken’s congregation, Elders, and Search Team are working the team at Converge Placement Network who have helped many other churches find the right pastor for their churches. Their well-defined plan will guide our church through a process that includes defining who we are and what our mission is as a church, data gathering, and personal guidance throughout each step of the process. Each attender will be asked to take a “Church Effectiveness Survey” This process will sharpen our focus so we may assess and match candidates to McMicken Heights Church’s needs. The entire process is in line with McMicken’s Constitution and Guidelines.

What is the role of the Pastor?

The Pastor has the primary responsibilities to preach the Word, develop others in discipleship to Christ, oversee the shepherding of the church, and guide the development of the church’s vision and ministry strategies alongside the Lay Elders. He is the chairman of the church and an ex officio part of all committees.

What can you do to help the process?

Pray. We’ve asked the congregation to set aside one meal per week and pray for the Pastoral Search Team personally and for the entire search process. When the Church Effectiveness Survey is presented, please be willing to complete it so we may assess the expectations we have of potential candidates. The Search Team seeks your input, while, understandably, will need to be discreet with confidential information.

Check on the progress through this webpage and watch for announcements in the weekly Update.

Here is your Pastoral Search Team

We've included their email addresses in case you would like to send an encouraging email.


Chairman Michael Jones

Vice-Chairman Matthew Do

Secretary Andie Pacheco

Val Longland

Trish Sewell

Cherry Amante

(Advisor) Jeff MacLurg